Room 1: The installation with two x 9m screens

so what's it all about then?

A Romany Rai can be defined as a gentleman scholar of Gypsies. 

Romany Rai is an immersive video installation drawing on moving image gathered by Tom LLoyd whilst travelling with horses to Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria with his father Walter, a modern day Romany Rai.

Walter LLoyd, Appleby Fair 1988

Tom has been traveling with horses since he was a small boy, and since 1994 has been recording the journey to Appleby Fair, first with a clockwork super 8mm camera, and since then with DV and HD cameras.

Soper 8, Mini-DV, Canon HD, GoPro

This work is unique in that it has been recorded whilst making the journey with horses as a traveller over many years and Tom has also been given access to rare and unseen cine footage shot by the travellers themselves in the 1960’s. 

Super 8 footage c1960s courtesy the Welch family

As part of Eden Arts' Artists Spare Rooms programme Tom is working with Dan Fox and Jason Threlfall. Together they are experimenting with moving image in a way that isn't film in the traditional sense.  

Room 2: Video portrait of horseman Sonny Thorpe from Chesterfield

Fair Hill, 2014

Sometimes sequences are played out as long unedited takes, sometimes as short clips with all screens alive with content. We are exploring how picture and audio can be mapped across a space, how we might create a narrative across more than one screen, and how the audience might move around the space.  

Fair Hill 1995

Funding from Arts Council England for this R&D phase is allowing us to find new ways of storytelling that are not only beautiful and poetic, but weave together many layers and textures of picture and sound.

Tom LLoyd, Walter LLoyd, Billy Welch (Shera Rom), Adrian Lochhead (Eden Arts)

Eden Arts are supporting the project by providing studio space, resources and mentoring. The preview was held at The Old Fire Station, Eden Arts  on the 23rd March 2017. We are now in the process of evaluating the first phase of the project and securing funds to expand and tour the installation later this year.