Into the cutting room

The last time I did reviewed any of this footage was about 5 years ago.

I had got it to a point where there was a 45 minute edit with some beautiful sequences but there is still 5 years of footage unreviewed, mainly interviews with my dad.

When you're travelling with horses the horses come first. The priorities are grass, then water. If you're moving 10 or 20 miles a day there's not much time for other stuff. Interviews were grabbed in lay-bys literally feet from the edge of the road. Sometimes sound was OK - other times the interview was no good.

I pull out an interview shot in 2013. Its my Dad talking about the definition Romany Rai, and I go on to ask him to describe himself. I had almost dismissed it at the time, but now this seems to be the foot-stone, the starting point. 

I envisage the narrative being told across multiple screens - the footage being mapped and played out on the screens, sometimes as long unedited takes, sometimes alone, at other times with all screens alive with content, as if the screens on the edge of the space play out un-edited rushes and the largest screen at the centre is where the edit comes to life, drawing in footage from the surrounding screens.

Boswell family super 8 footage from 1960's

As I keep wading through the footage from 2013, there is a whole set of shots around a horse being showed off and sold. I realise that its almost like the same thing being captured from many angles and if they are played out simultaneously accross screens it will become immersive.

There are several themes that stand out...fighting, dealing and of course the journey to the fair with horses.

Puled out walter definition of Romany Rai to work on as interview section

Today I went through all the footage from 2013 and 2014

Tom LLoyd