Close up sounds and wide screen

Met up with Dan to talk about the sound.

One of the challenges for the soundscape is to work with on board camera miss which are at best a worst case back up. Yes some of the footage (all the interviews) has been shot with either shotgun or tie mic, but a lot of the run-and-gun footage has sound that is barely useable.

Dan has been talking about putting contact mics on the dray (4 wheeled cart) for some time. He alsosuggested getting some mics close to the ponies nostrils as they are working hard when we’re trotting down the road with waggon and iron tyres. We make a plan to get 2 horses shod take a waggon out towards the end of January. That way Dan has some great sound effects to work with for the travelling sequences

Jay and I meet up in mid December to measure up materials to build screen. We have agreed with Adrian an aluminium frame suspended from the roof trusses in the engine bay with ratchet straps.

We marked out a few options for screen placement and decided on two 9m x 3m frames. We initially agreed to work with lycra/spandex as its a cheap option and we’ve used it beforewith pretty good results. However after 2 weeks of phoning around and searching we can’t find anything wide enough.

We’re due to start building the screens on 9th January and by 4th January we still don’t have a solution.

Then we find a company in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire that do a PVC back projection material in 3m widths to whatever length we want.

Its almost double what we had budgeted but we have saved elsewhere so we can just afford to do it. We decide to go for one screen to make sure we’re happy before committing to a 2nd.

Eyelets or webbing and ties? Eden Arts Picnic Cinema have a solution that works well with eyelets every 6 inches and bungee cord to stretch the screen all around evenly. 

Tom LLoyd