Breaking away from a narrative

The last 2 weeks have been about stripping back the interviews to tiny nuggets of story. There was a BBC radio series that I remembered this week which was a soundscape of snippets of interviews woven over music and song and poetry. At the time I was really taken with it and its come back as something to aim for - even though I am working with picture as well.

I've been wading through all of the best interview sequences (some of them run for several minutes) and keeping only the best one-liners. These I am using to create an audio soundscape/timeline that has no narrative structure as such - but meanders from person to person almost as  stream of conciousness. Then I start to build up layers of images over the top.

At the end of each day in the Old Fire Station whoever is in the building usually comes down and we play the sketches we have been working on. As well as cutting much of the narrative, there was also some thoughts on slowing everything right down and letting some of the footage play out without interruption. So in response, today we have created  sequences that run as one shot - unedited - for several minutes.

Working accross machines, with several layers of work on many bits of software to get the sequences upscaled to fit the big screen is slow so we are still working on rough sequences, working out what is working and what isn't - how far we can push mini-DV footage (720 x 576) up to 1920 x 720 - in effect we are having to push resolution to its limits to fill such a wides screen. This has issues - pixelation. Jay has upscaled 720p footage to 4K before and its looks great - but its another layer in the workflow using Red Giant plugins in Premiere.  

The second screen also arrived today so we have stretched it out on the Picnic Cinema truss to start to let the creases drop out. Scaffolding has been ordered to create the 2nd frame but we will have to wait until next week to get 2 screens running together proper.


Tom LLoyd