Slowing down the pace, Timelines and workflows

I've ripped it up and started again 4 times. Each time there's been more space and less talking.

I'm now on the 5th draft. Some shots are running for a few minutes without a cut. The sound of horses hooves going in and out of synch with each other becomes hypnotic.

The workflow still hasn't felt right - too much rendering time to find out if a sequence works against another. So rather than going straight to After Effects, this time we're going to export the DV and HD footage into ARENA (VJ software) as separate video tracks for the 2 screens with a 3rd and 4th video track that we can play about with. There will be some holes but instead of stating again we will be able to mix live so we can play a little. When we're happy with how the videos are playing against each other we can lockdown the timelines and give the audio to Dan t start working on sound.

The farrier is coming next week to shoe a pony so we can get some close mic audio.

Tom LLoyd