Surround soundscapes

We have a picture lockdown now running at 50 minutes. There are plenty of sequences I would still have liked to add but that can all come later if we get to develop the installation further. There are 6 video tracks running simultaneously

  • mini-DV camera track 1
  • mini-DV camera track 2
  • HD camera track 3
  • HD camera track 4
  • Super 8 track 5
  • Super 8 track 6

Dan has made a start in Logic to layer and make a rough mix. Each video track (apart from the super 8 which is mute) has a corresponding stero pair of audio as well as

  • Voice Over track (audio taken from interviews)
  • Music track
  • Wild track (atmos sound recorded on location)

Now we have installed the 6.1 Surround sound system behind the 2 screens we are starting to get a sense of how the installation will sound by playing the rough mix of the SFX we recorded earlier in the week.

Before settling on the title Romany Rai the working title had been Rolling Thunder, which came from the sound you get reverberating inside a bowtop running on iron tyres as you rummble along the road. The contact mic on the under-carriage has produced a sound that could easliy be mistaken for thunder.

When all the layers are playing the sound is immense, intense and totally immersive.

We've pushed the screens apart by another 2 feet to give a bit more breathing space and made a plan for blacking-out the engine bay. As the preview starts at 3pm and there will be a fair amount of light leak on the screens which we need to eliminate.




Tom LLoyd