The final push

The first job of the week is to get the scaffolding frame up for the second screen. We've had to swap some bits over from the first screen, and for the space to be big enough, we're having to position it half way between two roof trusses. Just to be safe, we raise a couple of 23 foot long steel bars into the roof to help support it.

With both big screens up now, we've got heaters on them to help the creases drop out of the plastic. Then we're back onto the tech side of things. Jay is still rendering out screen A & B movies to playback through Resolume Arena and I'm sitting in the middle of the space with Dan going through his first audio mix in Logic on the 6.1 surround system.

To synch up the audio from Logic with the video from Arena Dan and Jay have linked up the 2 computers using a wireless MIDI controller. A separate track in Logic triggers "Stop" and "Start" commands in Arena with a MIDI note assigned to the keyboard's space bar.

With only two days to go the four short-throw projectors arrive, but before we can set them up I have to get things moving in the reception area where we are installing two monitors with some of the un-edited interviews. We're going to hang the monitors on the wall but in "portrait" format rather than "landscape" so we to have to play around with Premiere's sequence settings to get the right aspect ratio. The movies will run off Raspberry Pi micro-computers plugged into the back of the monitors so there will be no need for endless lengths of cable. 

Inbetween everything else that needs doing I'm picking wine glasses, getting a haircut, painting walls, making sure the blackout has no light leaks, sweeping floors, mopping floors, mopping screens, painting walls, writing questions for feedback forms and writing questions for interviews and Vox Pops.

The projectors are installed now and Jay is calibrating them so he can start mapping the screens. We have our first master video files for Arena which plays back in DVX3 format. The 50 minute 2 screen first cut has come in at a whopping 67.8 GB. We get to watch the first run through at about 5pm.

It works. The concept works!

Of course its not perfect, so the next 4 hours are spent going through the piece by piece in Logic and After Effects. With a fine toothcomb we iron out all the glitches, the odd bit of video dropout, a few video tracks appearing in the wrong place, an audio track gone astray while bouncing down the many layers to 12 tracks for the surround sound mix. We wrap things up about 10pm leaving the machines working overnight. Tomorrow will be a day of tweaking. Tonight I will sleep like a log.

Tom LLoyd