Preview day

Jay Threlfall, Tom LLoyd and Dan Fox

The morning of the Preview

We have a few issues with the video and audio staying in synch, either Logic or Arena seem to be drifting over the 50 minutes so that the lip-synch is often out, so we are still rendering edits with 10 minutes to spare before the first guests arrive. 

Surround sound HQ

With the control computers moved backstage, the space is feeling like a gallery for the first time. I greet and welcome everyone to the installation and encourage people to sit or wander around the space - whatever makes them feel comfortable. None of us envisaged what happens next.

Seating layout A (no seating in the centre discouraged people from moving about)

When the audience come in, everyone makes a dash for the seating so that there are two groups of audience sitting opposite each other and no-one moves around for fear of getting in the way of peoples lines of sight.

Seating plan B with centre seating encouraged more movement from the audience)

After the first run through we add an extra section of staging into the centre of the space to try and break the space up a bit. This makes it better, but straight away we are conscious that we need to either re-arange the layout of the screens, change the seating arrangement, or both.

The concept for Room 2 seems to work though we have issues with one of the Raspberry Pie computers controlling on of the monitors.

Room 2: Video portrait of horseman Sonny Thorpe from Chesterfield

The last full screening is at 6:30pm and we manage to get 5 full screenings in total. Billy Welch sits through all five! As I write this blog we have 8 feedback forms filled in on paper, and 21 feedback forms completed online. Of the 130 people who registered there are approx 100 who came on the day. The feedback so far is amazing. 

Tom LLoyd, Walter LLoyd, Billy Welch (Shera Rom), Adrian Lochhead (Eden Arts)

The de-rig is pretty good. We get the sound system and projectors down that night, and the screens packed away and floor swept in 3 hours the next day.

Taking down the frame for screen A

A few friends stay over to help with the de-rig and are parked up outside The Old Fire Station. The next morning the NHS car park attendant comes round to move us on. He is calmly re-assured that the caravan and camper vans are with an art exhibition and will be moved shortly. "Thats alright then" he says "As long as they're not Gypos". Ahh the irony.

The next day with the de-riggers Tom, Pete, Glen and Dee

The next day and the day after, we slowly recover, sitting on a patch of grass with smoke gently whispering out of the caravan chimney.

To be continued...

Tom LLoyd