The first cut

We now have a timeline running at 45 minutes. I've added a couple more sections to include more of the Gypsy women's voice which we felt wasn't strong enough and theres more of Walter explaining the different tribes and their languages (cants) that make up the Gypsy Traveller community.

I’m really pleased with how its going. It has been challenging - we have 7 video timelines to work with and synch - and it has been a real journey uncovering footage I haven’t looked at in years.

Were still working a little ad-hoc with whatever projectors we can rustle up (the 4 big projectors for the show we will only have in the final week) and this week Eden Arts' Picnic Cinema projector (which has the short-throw lens) is out on hire, so although we now have the screens looking good, we can't fill them this time. But that's Ok because all we want to accomplish today is see which images work well with each other and see where we need to change/add content.

On the whole its working well. The narrative which has been cut up and mixed up is working. 

I realised today that if we had a bit more budget it would be a much faster work-flow to be able to see all 6 video tracks on separate monitors straight out of Adobe Premiere as I'm editing - but that needs a bit of hardware that we just can't afford at this stage. It would save a lot of time in the editing process and I'd know instantly what works rather than having to try and imagine how the images work with or against each other or wait until we're in the space.

The Engine Bay space feels much more comfortable (less confined) now we've widened it by moving the Picnic Cinema screen back about 2 metres and we now have some staging in the centre which we were immediately drawn to sit on. It's also interesting to see how different the immersive-ness (is that a word?) felt just by being able to move around and switching sides to get a different view. I have a long list of notes with changes to make before we come back and hopefully get to a picture lock early next week. 

Tom LLoyd