Back out on the road again

It's the first time the ponies have been in harness this year. I've brought two of my best driving ponies Hades Hill Pat II (the great grand-daughter of the pony I was given as a boy) and her daughter Hades Hill Lucky Pearl down off the fell. Both ponies have done the journey to Appleby (about a weeks travelling) several times before.

Dan has a 6 channel recorder to gather some Sound Effects (SFX) so we have...

  • Stereo mic bolted onto the under-carriage of the bow top to get wheels and hooves
  • Contact mic on the under-carriage
  • Radio mic on the shaft horse bridle to get heavy breathing
  • Close mic on my head to capture me talking to the ponies
  • Boom mic which Dan can position where he needs to (inside or outside the bow-top)

We just need a few miles under our belt. The ponies did great seeing as they're not that fit yet. Once we're back we get some extra layers of SFX of ponies trotting (without iron tyres),  and a bit of tether chain dragging along the tarmac.

I managed to grab a couple of extra shots harnessing up the ponies and a new angle for the GoPro. Now back to the edit - looking at picture lockdown tomorow to pass onto Dan to work on the soundscape and Jay to composite the video in Ater Effects.

Tom LLoyd