where can i see it?

You can now rent or download the Romany Rai 60 minute documentary here.

As we are currently in Research and Development there are no public viewings planned at the moment, however if things progress as we hope, we will be able to secure more funding to tour the installation at galleries around the UK. We will however be releasing clips through this blog as work progresses.

why aren't you just making a film?

Creating a video installation allows us to create a piece that plays out at a different pace to mainstream film and TV and to look at the content in a different way. We are hoping to create a work that not only educates and enlightens but is also both beautiful and poetic.

whats is appleby fair?

Appleby Fair is the largest Gypsy Horse Fair in Europe. There's nothing else quite like it. 


what makes this unique

There are many films online of Appleby Fair and many more about Gypsies, however Tom LLoyd has been filming the journey to the fair whilst travelling WITH Fell Ponies that his family have been breeding for 60 years. You can read the full story of the Hades Hill Herd at www.hadeshill.com